What is Wi-fi hotspot and how does it work ?

What is Wi-fi hotspot and how does it work ?

WiFi Hotspot is available in today’s modern new smartphones. This is the time when we have to reply to an important email or surf the Internet, then we need a lot of Internet Connection.

Where Internet is not easy to reach everywhere. It is very important to have a wi-fi hotspot there. In this type of Internet, we do not have to use mobile data.

If you use a hotspot but don’t know what is hotspot ? So let us give you a good idea about hotspot today.

What is Wi-fi hotspot ?

A hotspot is a special place that provides Internet through a wirelesa local area network. Such terms are commonly used in wifi Routor.

It is a network in which the modem and wireless router are mainly in the hotspot.

Radio-frequency is sent via wireless network. It extends or spreads in different directions from its central location. When the signals of such waves move, they slowly start to weaken.

How does Wifi hotspot work ?

Wifi hotspot also acts like wifi which we use indoors. A wireless accss point uses radio singnal to communicate with all other computer and wifi devices.

All these wireless access points are connected to the Internet that connects to this server or router. This network serves to control how the cone can reach wifi.

The 80211 standards are used to determine how to receive and send a singnal. It has been built by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.

Types of  wi-fi hotspot

You must have known about support and how it works. Its types also know.

1.Free wi-fi hotspot :

In this way, the requirement of Wi-Fi password is removed. This helps all users using internet to add to it. With this, all people can use the Internet easily.

2.Commercial Wifi Hotspot :

This type of hotspot provides Acess Point Wireless Coverage. But for this you will have to pay some fee.

When a user using the internet connects to a commercial hotspot.

Then the user is usually redirected to a screen informing the users to use the payment details and login information service.

Hotspot provides easy internet to millions of users in today’s time. But there are some safety issues also.

Many free public hotspots are aimed at 54 thieves and hackers who make a fake hotspot that looks like a legitimate hotspot to us.

Terms used in Wi-Fi hotspot –

If you want to understand the technology of wi-fi hotspot very well. So you have to understand the terms used properly.

1.Wireless Access Point :

Wireless Access Point is a type of Networking device that allows a wifi Compliant device to be connected to a wired network. We can connect WAP physically with Routor.

It can also be integrated with the router. Wireless access point is not a hotspot. It is a physical place. Where wifi is available for WLAN.

2.Wifi :

Wi-Fi is a technology that allows your computer or smartphone to access the Internet through a wireless connection.

In this Wi-Fi, radio signal is used between the wap and the enabled device to send and receive data.

3.Service Set Identifier :

The full name of the SSID is the Service Set Identifier. It is a type of wireless network with a unique name SSID.

But for this, you should also know the name of that wireless network. With whom you want to connect.

You can also search the available wireless network through computer or phone.

Many people take the name of their wireless like-RAM network, Shakti trades etc., then other networks can also be identified with Pedestal.

what have you learned ?

In this post we have explained what is wifi hotspot ? You must have known about wifi hotspot in detail.

We hope that by reading this post, you have understood the complete information about the wi-fi hotspot. Now you will not have any problem in using the wifi hotspot and you will be able to use the wifi hotspot easily.

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