What is Web Hosting and how many types of it are there ?

What is Web Hosting and how many types of it are there?

Any website created by us requires web hosting to be displayed on the Internet. If you also want to create a website, then you should have knowledge about the website and hosting.

Now we will tell you in this post what is web hosting, how is it and how does it work, where is it used? If you want to understand it well, then read this post completely.

What is web hosting ?

When a website is created by you, all the videos, text content, page, photo of your website are stored in the server so that other people can access it through the Internet.

A server is required to upload a website to the internet, which we call webhosting.

A powerful hosting is required to upload a website to the Internet, it should always be connected to the Internet. When being connected to the Internet, any person can read any content on it.

We buy web hosting service according to different packages, we get some space on the server where we can easily host the content of our website there.

How does Web Hosting work ?

There are many companies for web hosting that provide the facility to the website owner to host the content of the website on their server. For which we have to pay some money to that company.

After uploading the contents of any photo, page, video on the website by us, they can access them at any time through the domain name (web hosting) of our website through internet.

When any user reaches our site by entering the address of our website in the Browser, then his computer gets connected to his server. From where we have taken the hosting. After this, he puts all our material in front of him.

What are the types of Web Hosting ?

There are many types of web hosting, when we create a new website, we buy hosting according to our need and time.

Generally, it is of four types –
(1) Shared
(2) Dedicated
(3) V.P.S.
(4) Cloud

1. Shared Hosting:

It is known by its name that in this way many websites use the same server in hosting.

When some websites come together, they use the CPU, space and RAM of the same server. Therefore these types of hosting are very beneficial for you.

If we understand from an example, when you go somewhere to roam, then you do not go to your car and go to a friend’s car, then you will benefit a lot. This is how it is.

Sometimes some problems are encountered in hosting. There are many hosting in which there is a problem of server.

Whenever there is a lot of traffic on your website, it slows down the speed of your website, due to which an error appears in front of the user.

2. Dedicated (dedicated) Hosting:

The entire right remains on this hosting server. It has many advantages but it is more expensive than other hosting.

Only your website is hosted on this server, so it remains completely under your control. You can easily change any of its systems and settings.

One advantage of dedicated hosting is that when more traffic comes to your website, then you can avoid errors and other losses coming to your website.

3. VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting:

VPS Hosting is a mixed form of both dedicated and shared hosting. In this figure you have a server present. But such servers are virtual servers.

In this hosting one server is divided into many different virtual servers. You are given a Virtual Server for a website here and only the taker has the right on this part.

This hosting provides more space and bandwidth to a website than other hosting, so VPS Hosting provides more load time than shared hosting.

4. Cloud Hosting:

The problem with dedicated servers and Virtual Private Server is that you have less resources in it. Similar Hosting has a range of capacity and location.

There is no such situation in many web hosting. Whenever there is a problem of traffic on the website, it is difficult to control it.

Cloud Hosting is used to face such problems.

Hosting is the most used hosting in many days and its usage is increasing daily.

Cloud hosting does not affect the speed of excessive traffic coming to your website.

What is the feature of Web Hosting ?

When you buy webhosting, you should take care of some basic information. All the hosting companies follow different types and types.

1. Storage (location):

You are given space to store photos, videos, text etc. in every kind of hosting plan. You should choose the hosting plan according to your need and content.

2.Band width:

The function of bandwidth shows the amount of data transfer that takes place between your website and visitors at one time.

If the bandwidth of your hosting is more, then many people are able to access your website in more than one time without any interruption.

If the bandwidth of the hosting is low then the speed of your website may be reduced.

3. Email:

When you buy an expensive Austin, you also get the facility of email so that you can create an officele account for your office or website.

4. Uptime (Activation Period):

Uptime is one of the best important features of a very good web hosting provide. Many web hosting companies provide guarenteed up time to the user so that his website remains available to the visitors up to 99% of the time.

5. Backups:

Whenever, during any problem or work, the data of your website gets deleted, then you suffer a lot of loss. The DATA server of our website is saved in the server, the server is also a kind of computer, there is also the risk of Tata loss.

6. Customer Support:

This is important for all website users, in which if there is a technical problem in the hosting or website, then the user can get help about it. You can help them by phone, email or text message with Contect.

what have you learned ?

In this post, we have told you what is web hosting ?, you must have known about hosting in detail.

We hope that by reading this post you have understood the complete information about web hosting. Now you will not have any problem in using web hosting and you will be able to use hosting easily.

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