What is the definition of Internet ?

What is the definition of Internet and how does it work ?

The Internet is the network of the world’s largest network. Here all the networks are connected with each other. There are a global computer network which provides many types of information in communication. What is the definition of internet?

The network network is known as Transmission Media in the language of Internet.

It is the wave wire of a way in which data and information from all over the world move around in it. It can contain video, photo, pdf, text etc. in the form of DATA.

Definition of Internet ?

The Internet is actually a global wide area network that connects all the computers in the world to it. High band with data lines is called the backbone of the Internet.

All such lines are connected to internet hubs which send data to places like IP (Internet Protccol) and Web srver.

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If you want to connect to the Internet, you must have access to an ISP (Internet Service Provider). It acts as a middleman between the internet and you.

Many IPs provide bordband Internet access via a cable or fiber connection. If you connect to the Internet through a public Wifi, then the wifi Router connects to the ISP (Internl Servic Provider) to connect you to the internet.

What is the full form of internet ?

The full form of the Internet is an Interconnected Network. It is a very large network of web srver all over the world. Hence it is also known as “World Wide Web” (www).

Such networks include public organizations, schools, collage, hospitals, research centers and many srver’s around the world.

Internet is a collection of interconnected networks. It is made up of connected routers and interconnected to the world.

Who discovered the Internet ?

The Internet is not invented for any individual and not by a single person. Its invention required many Engineers and Scientests.

The United States established the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) in 1957. Its main objective was to create a technology through which one computer could be connected to another computer.

The ARPANET agency was established in 1969. In this, any other computer can be connected with another computer.

By 1980, its name was changed to Internet. Vinton Cerf and Robert Khan invented the IP protocol. Ray Tomlinson introduced his first network in 1972.

When did the Internet begin ?

The Internet was first started in the world from 1 January 1983. On 1 January 1983, ARPANET adopted IP and researchers then started collecting them. At that time it was called “Network Of Network”. But it is known as Internet in modern times.

When did Internet start in India?

Internet service made publicly available in India. This led to the launch of the Net Seva owned by Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited.

What are the features of Internet?

We have come to know the invention, definition and full form of internet. Now let us also know its facilities.

(1) Email:

1. Electronic email is a popular cause of Internet. Due to which people use it.

2. To send, receive email messages and create an e-mail message, you need an e-mail program and domain name as well as an account of the Internet Mail server.

3. If a user wants to use Email, then it is very important for him to have an email account address, within which you can also add the name of the user.

(2) Telnet:

1.Telnet is a special service that allows you to use another computer to access the contents of another Compauter with the help of Host.

2. Telnet program is made up of a window host in which you can exchange files and data.

3.Tenlet is widely used in libraries. This allows incoming visitors to take information and search for articles.

(3) Internet Relay Chat:

1. Internet Relay Chat is a service system that allows users to type text in a particular type of window at the right time to swipe with each other.

2. Like Newspapers, there are many IRC Channels and one is dedicated to each subject group.

3. If you want, you can use the IRC program to participate in these chat room discussions. But many chat rooms are set up in the website itself.

(4) world wide web:

The World Wide Web (WWW) is part of an Internet that supports Hypertext documents. Allows users to navigate different types of data and view data.

2. A webpage is a document encoded with a hypertext markup language tag.

3.HTML provides permission to link all together via hypertext of designs.

4. For every web page there is an address called Uniform Resource Locator (URL).

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