What is Software Project Management and what are its types?

What is Software and what are its types ?

Any kind of computer cannot function alone without software. What is Software ? Computers require programs and equipment to perform certain tasks. These devices make the computer workable.

Software is required to perform any specific task on the computer. We will explain in detail about the type and use of software in this post.

What is Software ?

Software is a program and set of instructions that gives the computer the command to complete a particular task. Software empowers a user to work on a computer. Without it, all parts of the computer are lifeless.

We can not touch the software or we can see it with our naked eyes. It has no physical existence. It is a virtual that can only be known or understood.

Computer does not exist without software. Without this, we cannot do special tasks on the computer. A special software is required to perform every task on a PC.

Software designed for a task. It is her life for him that gives him the power to do the work.

Types of software

We use computers for different types of tasks and a software is required to do all such tasks.

Separate software is created for all specific tasks.

Generally, it is divided into two parts –

1.System Software
2.Applaction Software

1.System Software

System software is software that controls and manages hardware. It operates between Hardware and Software.

There are several types of system software-
1.1 Operating system

An operating system is a type of computer program that handles and controls the programs of other computers. Oprating system works closely between the computer user and the computer.

It changes the instructions given by us in computer language.

Some names of oprating system are given below.

(1) Linux
(2) Windows OS
(3) Android
(4) Mac OS

1.2 Utility Programs

The utility is another name for the service program. It performs the task of managing and protecting the resources in the computer.

But it is not directly connected to the hardware. Anti Virus programs are utility programs.

1.3 Device Drivers

A driver is a special type of program that connects the output and input devices to a computer.

These are meant for communication in the computer. Motherboard, Garphic, Video Drivers etc.

2.Applaction Sodtware

The application software is also known as the end user because its information is directly from the user, it is also called ‘Apps’ in short. Application process content allows you to perform a specific task.

1.1 Basic Applaction

General Application is also known as General Purpose Software. It is software used in common tasks. We use them in daily work.

Any user should use common application to work on computer.

Some general purpose software-

DTP Programs
Multimedia Programs
Word Processing Programs
WebDesign Application
Spreadsheet Programs

1.2 Specialized Application

In these, the application is also called special purpose software. Such software is made for specific tasks. These software are used to direct a particular work.

Some special purpose software –

Billing Software
Accounting Software
Reservation System
Report Card Generator

How to create software ?

Creating computer software is like a difficult task. To complete this task, you must have knowledge of Programing language. Only then you can make a good software.

In this time, many languages have been created to make software, with the help of which you can make software according to your needs.

If you want to make a common software then you must have knowledge of one language like HTML, Java, c +, c ++, paython etc.

what have you learned ?

In this post we have explained what is software ? You must have known about the software in detail.

We hope that by reading this post, you have understood the complete information about the software.

Now you will not have any problem in using the software and you will be able to use the software easily.

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