What is server and how many types are there ?

What is Server and how many types are there ?

You must have heard a lot about Sever. But do you know what is Srver and how it works? How to use it. If you want to know the complete information about Srver, then read this post completely.

Server started in computer technology world many years ago. Whenever you visit a website on the Internet, you get an error of Server down there.

When more people come to the same place, it becomes balanced and it stops working.

When we save any information in our website, our website is saved in the Server and all our information remains in the server.

What is Server ?

Server is a program of computer and not a device. It performs the function of sending data to another computer. It makes a system data-oriented to local area network or wide area network.

A server is a part of a computer and network that functions to control network resources.

There are many types of servers and their functions also vary. Photo server, which we can also call photo device.

This server is used to store the photo. Whenever we put some data on the internet like – video, website contant, photo, pdf, all such file is saved in the server itself.

Server definition ?

A physical computer running a server program in a single data is known as a server.

How does the Server work ?

Based on the example, I want to tell you that if we want to see a news on google, then you will search for it by writing the title of the title of that news in google.

It opens as a command and it goes to the Server of google via request internet. All the data store of google resides there.

This is where the Server searches the requested content and sends the data related to it to the device, due to which you can read those contents.

All the tasks we do on the Internet, such as – download an image or file, pdf, then we browse it and use other social networks. The server helps us with all the work that we do on the Internet.

Types of Server:

There are many types of servers. Different servers have different functions. From the security of the Internet to the hosting of the website and the service of video and email, the server also does the work. So, now we know about the type of server.

1. Web Server:

A web server is a hardware or software that performs the task of operating a website. It is like a computer program.

The main function of the web server is to store and deliver and process the web page for the users. These servers use hyper text transfer protocol Secor (HTTPS) for internal communication.

2. Applaction Server:

An application server is a program that handles all the operations of the organization’s bank and business applaction and all applications in the user database.

It uses application servers to develop and handle all applaction. There are types such as -Java, Net and Php.

3. Proxy Server:

This server is commonly known as “proxy”. It acts as a gateway between the Internet and the user. If when a client connects to a proxy server and requests a service.

It works as an intermediary between sharing network connections, client programs for data caching, and network data filtering and external servers.

4. File Server:

This server primarily provides a place to store files inside a single metwork. This file can be in the form of pdf, text etc.

Multimedia file server is called computer from Photo’s Server Modle and Text document. Because they are responsible for managing and storing such.

5.Database Server:

A database is a computer system whose functions provide services related to sending and retrieving data to the database.

It is a data warehouse where the information and data collection of the website is maintained.

6. Mail Server:

By its name, we understand that there is a mail server that handles and handles email on the internet. A mail server is also called a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA).

When we send an email, it goes through a series of mail servers. Actually sending email is a difficult process.

7. FET Server:

The full name of this server is the File Transfer Protocol. Its main function is to send the online file.

When you open a webpage on a web browser, the browser brings that file to you using the same protocol. FET is a method of sending files that are connected to the internet.

what have you learned ?

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