What is SEO and how to do search engine optimization ?

What is SEO and how to do search engine optimization ?

If you want to know SEO, then stay on this post as usual. Today we will give you information about what is SEO and other seo.

You must know all about SEO and SEO company but do you also know what is SEO ? How many types are there? And how to use it?

What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization is the technology in which we place our webpage on the highest rank in the search engine. We all know what a search engine is.

Google is the most popular search engine in the whole world and in addition there are more search engines like yahoo, bing. With the help of SEO, we can properly place our blog at the top rank on the search engine.

Whenever we go to Google and search for any keyword, then Google shows us all the posts or content related to that keyword.

Whatever result we see at the top, it is at the top rank in Google. Therefore, he maintains his place at the top.

This means that the SEO of that post has been done in a very big way in which more people come to it. So this blog becomes quite famous with this post.

SEO helps to bring our blog posts to the first rank on Google. With the help of this technology, your website increases your traffic by placing it above the search results in search engines.

What is the full form of SEO ?

Full form of SEO “Search Engine Optimitzaion

Why is SEO Blog required ?

You must have understood what happens to be Seo, now you also know why it is important to have SEO for a blog. We use SEO to reach our website to more people.

Admittedly, I have created a very good website and I have also shared high quality content in it.

But if I do not do his SEO, no one will be able to reach him and even the hard work of making him will not make any sense.

If we do not use SEO, then whenever a person does a keyword search, then the keyword related to that word will not be available, then that person will not be able to access our website.

Because the search engine will not be able to find our website and the search engine will not be able to store the content of our website on the data base.

Due to which it will be very difficult to get more traffic on your website.

Understanding SEO is not so difficult, if you understand SEO, then you can make your blog very good. This can also increase its quality in search engines.

Types of SEO:

1.On-Page SEO:

On-Page Seo is used in your blog. This means creating your website well, which should be SEO friendly.

Following the rules of Seo, you should use a good SEO friendly template in your website.

You should also write the best table item and use the best search words in it, which are the most searched in the search engine.

The keyword should be used in the right place in the page, such as title, meta description, use the keyword in the content, so that google can be easy to access.

On what topic is your table (contant) written and helps to rank your website in google quickly. Which increases the traffic of your website.

How to do On-Page SEO:

We will tell you about such points here, with the help of which you can do SEO of your blog well.

1. Speed of website is very important item for website. In search of SEO, a search found that any visitor stays on the website for at least 6 to 8 seconds.

2. Website navigation should be very simple. Due to which there could not be any problems in moving around on the website. So that no visitor can have any difficulty in going from one page to another page in google.

3. You should put the title in your website very properly, so that if any visitor reads it, then if you click on your title soon, then it also increases your CTR.

4. A very good way to get your post ranked higher. Through this, you can easily rank any page by connecting it with each other.

5. If you write a good post and publish, then a photo must be put in that post. Because you can get a lot of Trafic on it. So whenever you use the image in the post, do not forget to put ALT TAG in it.

2.Off-Page SEO:

Off page SEO is used in blogs. Promotion of your blog is done in off page seo.

Just like in many famous blogs, we go and comment on their writing (article) and send a link to your website in that comment, we also call it backlink.

Create an attractive page of your website on social Networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Quora and can increase your followers and traffic. This is likely to increase more visitors to your website.

Good blogs are very popular in websites, they submit guest posts on their blogs. With this, visitors coming to your blog also get to know you. Traffic also starts coming to your website.

How to do Off Page SEO:

Here we will tell you some tips about Off Page SEO, which will prove very useful for your blog.

1. In Search Engine Submission, your website should be submitted to the search engine very properly.

2. Submit the pages of your website or blog in bookmarking to bookmarked websites.

3. In Directory Submission, the page of your website or blog should be submitted in a directory with good and high PR.

4. In social media, you should create a profile related to your blog and share the link of your website and the URL of all the pages in it.

5. In Classified Submission, you should advertise your website for free by going to the free classified websites.

3. Local SEO:

Most people ask that what is this local SEO, how does it work? According to my opinion, the answer will be hidden in the question itself.

If you break local SEO, then it is a complement of two words – local + seo ie this SEO is a seo to take into consideration the local audience, hence it is also called local seo.

This is a technology in which your blog or website is specially optimized so that it can rank well on the search engine for the local people.

If seen with a glance, you can target the whole internet with the help of one website. While you want to target only the protocol local, you can use local SEO for this.

In this, you have to optimize the name of your city, while adders detils also have to optimize simultaneously.

Nevertheless, you have to optimize your website in such a way that people can know you and your website not only online but also offline.

Example of Local SEO:

If you run a local business, such as a shop, where people come to meet you, then you tell those people about your website.

When you optimize your website, these types of people reach you easily in real life.

If you only target your own local area and accordingly, you optimize the seo of your website. Such seo is then known as “local seo”.

The main objective of Seo is that your website can be optimized properly so that it can get good ranking in the search engine.

At the same time, you can get more items than seo instead of ordinary SEO. Because it is not limited to free traffic only, but there are other ways also included in it.

what have you learned ?

In this post, we have told what is Seo in English You must have known about search engine optimization in detail.

We hope that by reading this post, you have understood the complete information about search engine optimization.

Now you will not have any problem in using Seo and you will be able to use the SEO easily.

You have an expectation that you can share this post with your friend, facebook, group and all other friends and social media and reach them, so that they too can get information about SEO.

If you want to reach anything further, you can ask us through comments.

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