What is router and how does it work ?

What is router and how does it work ?

If you want to know about Router, then stay on this post as usual. Today we will give you information about what is a router and other Router.

You may know all about router but do you also know what is router ? How many types does it have and how to use it?

If you do not know about Router, then in this post today you will understand well. You must have seen a lot of space on the router. Nowadays Router for Internet is used in every shop.

Now a question may be coming in your mind that what is the work of Router. Router acts like a Post Main. The post man does the work of sending letters to new homes every day.

That letter can reach that house only if it has the address of that house. Similarly, Router also performs the function of transporting data to the receiver.

What is router ?

Router is a hardware networking device used for network. Whenever a person sends data from one network to another network, it goes into the network as a packet. Only then does the Router receive packet data.

After analyzing any hidden information in the data packet, Destination sends it to the device. This type of networking device is used to connect different types of networks wirelessly.

What else can we do on this ?

Router works on the network layer out of the 7 layers of the OSI model. This tool consists of both software and hardware.

The CPU, memory storage, operating system, etc. are ports inside the router. Such Oprating Systems are not like Windows. Routing tables and algorithms are stored in storage memory.

Through routing tables and algorithms, it is known that the packet has been received. The device that is used to send this packet is called analysis.

How does router work ?

A router performs the task of forwarding packets from one network to another. You can say it in simple language that it sends the packet to the source leaf.

The main function of the router is to receive the packet and deliver it to the receiver.

When you send a message to your partner, that message is converted into a packet. Then it reaches a nearby router. Router then examines the routing protocol table.

In the routing table all the Router IP cards and the distance of the path are close by in which the IP Adderss of the receiver are kept.

When the packet reaches the next router, then it also detects the shortest route. This way the router sends packets from one router to another Router.

Router Components –

As you know, the information given in this post is a special computer which has different parts.

1. RAM
2. Console
3. Flash Memory
5.Network Interface
6.Centrl Procssing Unit

(1) Ram :

When the router is turned on, the oprating system of the router is loaded into RAM. Router then determines its route. It Chake the information of BGP, EIGRP in other router.

Writing tables, tricks in routing, ARP tables etc. store DATA in RAM. Routing Table and Routing Metrics help in packet forwarding process speed.

(2) Console :

The Console itself performs the entire task of configuring and managing the Router. Troubleshooting commands are obtained from the console itself.

(3) Flash Memory :

All types of electronic devices require a memory inside which their Opreating System is stored. If we compare flash memory with computer then it is a type of hardware.

Routing protocols, routing tables, routing algorithms, etc. are stored in this memory.

(4) Non-Volatile RAM :

You must have understood from the name of this memory that this memory is permanent. Start up weight and oprating system store inside it. Whenever we boot the Router, the program loads in this memory.

(5) Network Interface :

Router has many network interfaces. The operating system also includes a lot of drivers.

The advantage of these drivers is that this allows the Router to know which port is connected to which network.

This Router also detects routes from other routers and sends the packets to the correct route.

(6) Center Processing Unit :

CPU is the brain of Router. This is operated with a special software OAS. Cisco IOS, Junos, Run is part of the Juniper Router OAS that runs the Router. The OAS opreating system manages all components of the Router.

Types of Router –

If you go to a shop or market, then you will get to see many types of Router. They are divided according to their work and speed.

1.BoradBand Router:

Broadband routers work in many ways. This kind of Router is used to connect computers and connect to the Internet.

If you want to connect your phone to the Internet through Voice over IP technology then you should know that you have used Broadband Router for this VOIP connection.

Such routers are special types, which are also called Phone Jacks and Ethernet.

2. Wireless Router:

Everyone knows such a router nowadays. Many people use them in home, school, office. Currently, they are accessing Router Internet.

Wireless Router makes a kind of picture. In this area we can use Internet in phone, laptop, computer and other wireless devices.

All routers have a password for their security. Password and IP address are used to protect them. Whenever you use Wifi, you can connect to it only by entering a password first. This is the security feature of Wifi.

Functions of router

1. This LAN (Local Aerya Network) prevents transmission.

2. It acts like the default Geteway.

3. Protocol helps in translation.

4. Performs the task of creating a path between networks.

5. Transmits DATA from observer to receiver.

6. Performs the task of interconnecting two networks.

7. It keeps making simple passages.

8. Finds a short route to carry the packet to the user.

what have you learned ?

In this post we have explained what is router? You must have known about the router in detail.

We hope that by reading this post, you have understood the complete information about the router. Now you will not have any problem in using the router and you will be able to use the router easily.

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