What is a processor and how does it work?

What is processor and how does it work ?

Do you know what is processor and how it works? When we discuss about a computer, then the things of Processor also start coming in our mind.

It is mandatory to have Processor inside all computers. This is the brain of a computer. It cannot work without it.

If you want to know more about Processor, then read this post in our entirety. If you understand this post well then you will not have any difficulty in knowing about what is Processor.

What is processor ?

It is a very important part of the computer. It is also called the brain of the computer. All the activities that take place inside this computer are with it. It works to control everyone inside it.

It can modify trillions of calculations at once. Processor processes the understanding between hardware and software and gives us their OutPut. rocessor mobile, computer, laptop, and tablet are inside all these devices.

Processor is also known as CPU. The full form of CPU is “Central Processing Unit”. Connect it to the socket of the CPU. It is used for a long time, so it starts heating up.

A Colling Fan is placed over the Procsser to cool it. Its circuit is very fragile, so it is installed on the motherboard. Intel’s (Intel) Processor i3, i5 and i 7 come in ganeration.

History of Processor – History of Processor ?

The Intel company designed its single chip microprocessor in 1971. This Micro processor was invented by Federico Fagin, Ted Off and Stan Majo Trio intel engineers.

The Intel company designed the 4004 micro processor in such a way that all the functions like Memory, CPU, Input and Output Control were placed on a single chip.

Over time, changes were made gradually and the design of the computer was also changed.

Due to the changing changes and inventions of these computers, their capacity increased and size decreased. Intel is a processor that is used more. According to the needs of the people, they keep examining it.

How does the processor work ?

Processor is very complex compared to common and it varies from company to company. At this time the processors of two companies like intel and AMD are in high demand.

This company is always engaged in improving the performance by using less space and energy in the processor.

Despite so much effort, this processor has to go through four processes. Only then can they modify their instructions.

1.Fetch (Lash):

Lash means to bring something. Here the processor retrieves all the instructions that keep waiting in a single memory.

In modern-day processors, these instructions are already installed in a Processor.

The processor has a field called Program Counter installed that acts as a Bookmark and informs the processor.

2.Decode (Decrease):

Once the instruction is fetched, it has to be decoded in the next process. An Instruction Procsseor consists of several fields.

Whatever information the computer gives to the processor in each part of the opcode, what to do with these information instructions.

This is known to the processor. Later the processor performs those tasks based on its instructions.


When the processor does something here, it actually makes it work. What happens here in Procsseor. That will depend on the area in which that processor is used.

Any information has been inserted in this processor. In this, the unit is connected to other outputs and inputs so that it can simplify its work and later it can give us the right result of our work.

4.Writeback (write):

After all, it is also known as step. It also has the same function. This keeps the result of all the three previously performed tasks flashed. To find out where the output has gone.

It depends if an Applaction was run at that time. But these are usually in the register of Procsseor itself.

This entire process is called Instruction. As we are progressing, we have better processors which are powerful and very fast.

what have you learned ?

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