What is Printed Circuit Bord and How Many typs PCB ?

What is Printed Circuit Bord and How Many typs PCB ?

You may know all about PCB but do you also know what is pcb and how many types are there, use it? If you want to know about pcb assembly, then stay on this post as usual.

In the context of electronics, printed circuit boards or printed circuit boards or PCBs are variously used to provide the basis for electronic Aryans and to connect them together through the indicators.

What is PCB ?

A printed circuit board is an electronic circuit that is more commonly used in electronic devices. This gives way to mechanical support and electronic components.

It is made of non-conductive material such as fiberglass and various layers of plastic, which can be easily soldered to copper circuits.

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is also known as printed wiring board or intched wiring board.

Full form of PCB:

Printed circuit board (pcb)

Printed circuit board –

A PCB is a copper laminated and non-conductive printed circuit in which all electronic components are connected together in a PCB board.

At the time PCB was not developed, all components were connected via a wire which was harder and less reliable. In this way, very large circuits such as motherboards could not be built.

All components in the PCB are connected via a wire without all components connected on a conductor layer inside the PCB. Therefore this PCB design proved helpful in reducing the complexity of the circuit.

PCBs can be converted to any use. This PCB is found in almost all electrical appliances such as TV, mobile, CPU, camera, remand, video player, DVD, record player, LCD, LED etc.

Types of pcb (Printed Circuit Board):

Several types of PCBs are available for electronic circuits. All of these types of PCBs can be used as per the requirement.

1: single layer PCB:

A single layer PCB is known as a single sided PCB. This type of PCB is the most commonly used PCB because such PCBs are technical and easy to manufacture.

Such a PCB is coated on one side of any layer of a conductive material. Copper is used as a conductive material in PCBs.

A layer of solder mass is used to prevent oxidation after the silk screen to mark all components on the PCB.

PCB is used in low-cost and bulk manufacturing applications such as radios, printers, calculators and rigid state drives.

2: double layer PCB:

Dual layer PCB is also known as double sided. As its name suggests, a thin layer of conductive material, such as copper, is placed on the top and bottom of the board in such a PCB.

The layers of the PCB board consist of different medium, with two layers in respective positions on different layers. They are attached to all holes through an electric board.

3: multi layer PCB:

Multi-layer PCBs are more than two layers. This means that there are three copper conductor layers in this type of PCB. A layer of glue is mounted between the insulation to protect the PCB board.

In this, it is ensured that the component does not suffer much damage in excess heat.

This type of PCB is very difficult to design, it is less complex, it is used in very complex and very large electrical works. Such PCBs are used in large programs such as medical equipment, satellite systems and GPS.

4: Flexble PCB:

Flexible PCB is also known as Flex PCB. Such PCBs use flexible plastic materials such as polyamide or transparent polyester film.

Such PCBs can be easily twisted. Flexible PCB is a very tough type and consists of different layers such as single flexible, dual flexible layer and multi layer flexible side layer.

Such PCBs are used in phones, LCDs, cameras and flexible solar cells.

5: Rigid Rigid PCB:

Rigid PCBs are made of solid material which prevents the PCB from turning. A good example of a REGID PCB is the motherboard of the computer.

Regarded as flexible PCB, rigid PCB has different configurations such as a single dual layer and multi layer rigid PCB. After installation of PCB, its size cannot be changed.

The working age of these PCBs is high, so it is used in many parts of the computer such as ROM, CPU etc. It is very simple and most commonly used PCB in PCB design.

6: Flexible Rigid PCB:

The most important board is made up of a combination of flexible circuits and rigid circuits. Flexible Rigid PCBs have many flexible layers that are attached to many rigid PCB layers.

Flexible rigid board PCB is used in digital cameras, cell phones, motor-related etc.

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