What is Network and how many types are there?

What is Network and how many types are there ?

Do you know what is network and how many types are there? In earlier times, people used to send messages through telegram to communicate. It used to take a lot of time to send such messages.

In sending such messages, we had to face problems like going far, lack of identity etc. It may contain songs, videos, photos, and text messages as identification.what is network?

Networking was there from the time of Abex. In those times, the speaker was used to send messages. But the same Abacus changed to Computer today. Even today its form is being used.

What is network ?

When two or more computers are added together, it is called Network. You can connect them via Wireless or Wire.

If we talk about the medium of wire then it can be any of twisted pair cable, coaxial cable and fiber optical cable.

Talking about wireless, it can be one of radio wave, infrared, wifi, satellite.

A network is a collection of all computer, network devices, mainframe network equipment servers that have the function of sending data. One of the best examples of Internet Network.

Where many people are connected all the time and share the data. Networking devices such as modem, Router, dongle are used in the network.

Network History –

The network we are talking about at this time started many years ago in 1960.

Another name of the network is ARPANET, whose full name is Advance Research Project Agency Network.

Initially, the purpose of the network was to add mainframes to remote job entry stations and terminals.

ARPANET at that time had a basic concept of resource sharing.

The ARPANET was quite reliable in that door as it used packet switching technology instead of circuit switching.

The US Department of Defense used ARPANET to send secret information. In the US, it was used to connect universities.

Industrialists also gradually started using it. Its development progressed slowly. Today, it has become the largest network that we call Internet.

Types of network –

In general, there are many types of computer networks. Networks are divided according to their size, geographical area and how many computers can remain in the network.

A network has the ability to connect computers across the world with itself.

There are three types of networks in general.
(1) LAN (2) MAN (3) WAN Apart from these, there are other networks such as PAN, HAN.

1. PAN (Personal Aera Network):

A network is also called a personal area network. It is a small network that is limited to the home. For example, in a house, one or more computers are connected to the PAN network.

2. HAN (Home Aera Network):

If the person who uses the network in a particular local residence, we call it home area network. We can also use the Internet through wire which is connected with a modem.

Modem provides both wire and wireless Network Connection. You can also do all the work on this network. Wifi is also a type of Home Area Network.

3. LAN (Local Area Network):

LAN means local area network. You will get this kind of network to see you in school, collage, business organization. This type of network is used for data storage, document printing, etc.

To make this, we need hardware of Router, Network adapter, switch, Internet cable, hub etc.

Two computers are required to create a small local area network. In Local Area Network, we can connect 1000 computers simultaneously.

Such networks are mostly used for wire connections. It is currently being used in wireless also. This network is cheap and good fast speed.

4. MAN (Metropo Litan Area Network):

The metropolitan area network is also known as the MAN network. This network works to connect all the cities. It connects all the major collage, goverment office, school, institute of a city.

The metropolitan area network is larger than the local area network. Range of MAN Network ranges from 10 km to 100 km. This network is used to create a very large network by connecting multiple LANs in one place.

In this, the speed of data transmission in the network is moderate.

5. WAN (Wide Area Network):

This is the wide area network coming after MAN and LAN Network. It is considered to be the largest network that connects all the computers in the world. Wide area networks are also called LANs and LANs.

The specialty of this network covers low data rate and high distance.

There are two types of WAN Network –

(1) Enterprise WAN
(2) Global WAN

All computers connected to a wide area network mostly use public networks. The largest WAN is Internet.

In this, the speed of data transmission in the network is slow.

Devices used in the network –

If there is a network, a lot of devices are connected to it. Data is exchanged in them. This network passes through different computers.

Some devices are required to connect two networks with LAN like Router, Modem, Switch, HuB, Repeater, Bridge etc.

Its function is to control the routers and control the traffic between two networks. It connects the two networks via wireless and wire. The Router device operates on the network layer of the OSI model.
When we use the Internet at our home, it works to deliver data from outside the world to our computer. Data in the cables of this modem is recognized as an analog signal.

This device works on a physical layer like HUB. The Switch Device is more powerful than the Hub. Hub works to forward data. It also works to filter data with forword.
HUB is a simple Networking device. This device works on the physical layer. It also performs the task of physically connecting Networking devices.

This device helps in increasing the signal strength. It is an electronic device that receives and re-transmits the signal. Repetition prevents losing signals.
Just as Router connects two different networks, it works by connecting two bridge networks that are part of the same network.

what have you learned ?

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