What is mouse and using a mouse?

What is mouse and using a mouse ?

If you want to know about the mouse, then stay on this post as usual. Today we will give you information about what is mouse and type of mouse.

You may know all about the mouse, but do you also know what a mouse is? How many types are there? And how to use it?

Through us, the outside world does many things like lifting, holding, carrying them, moving it through hands.

But if you want to do this kind of work on a mouse, how will you do it, because the computer does not have hands and feet, then how will you be able to do it?

Let us tell you that in reality, there are hands to do all the work of the computer. read right, the computer also has a hand.

You can also call this hand a mouse. You know this, but now you also know what a mouse is? And how is the mouse used?

What is Computer mouse ?

A mouse is a type of input device which is actually called a pointing device. It is used to select programs in the computer screen and to open and close different programs.

The user provides information to the computer through the mouse and the instructions given by the mouse are followed by the computer.

The mouse controls the parts that appear on the monitor. The mouse usually appears as an arrow symbol, but its size can be changed according to use.

A mouse can also have 2-3 or more buttons which are used to send commands and control the mouse pointer.

Some types of icons have a rotating button, which is used to move files up and down.

Computer mouse was invented in 1968 by Douglas C. Engelbert, a soldier during World War II.

Normal computer icons in reality look just like normal computer icons. These are rectangular and small icons which are connected to the computer through a cable.

A mouse usually has three buttons, including a left button and a right button and a scroll wheel button.

The first button is Primary Button, which is called Left Button and the second button is Secondary Button, which is also called Right Button.

These buttons are known as Left Button and Right Click in common language and the third button is called cyclic button.

Different types of mouse –

You must have understood the many uses and functions of the mouse and many different forms of the mouse have been developed, which we can divide into the following five parts-

1. Mechanical Mouse

The mechanical mouse was invented in 1972 by Bill English. The mechanical mouse uses a ball to follow the instructions, hence it is also called a ball mouse or is known as a bol mouse.

This type of speech can be rotated left right and up and down.

2. Optical Mouse

The optical mouse works on LED light emitting diode and DSP-digital signal processing technology. Optical mouse does not have any type of speech.

A small bulb is used instead. Therefore when moving and moving the mouse, this pointer moves.

Nowadays a similar mouse is being used.
Such a mouse is connected to the computer via cable. The computer also provides power supply to it. Optical mouse is easy to use and operate.

3. Wireless mouse

Wireless Mouse is also called a wireless mouse. It is also called a cardless mouse. This mouse is based on radio frequency technology. But the design of these mouse is similar to that of optical mouse.

A transmitter and a receiver are required to use such a mouse. The transmitter is set in the mouse itself and the receiver is made separately which is added or installed in the computer.

Separate batteries are used to provide power supply to these icons which are separately connected to the battery.

4.Trackball mouse

The design of the trackball mouse is also similar to that of some optical mouse but it uses track bolt to control it.

To instruct the computer, the user has to spin the ball with his fingers. It does not help much in controlling the mouse and it also takes more time to operate.

5.Style Mouse

Stylish mouse is also called gestic mouse because stylish mouse was invented by Golden Stewart. Therefore, ‘G’ in the district means Golden.

Such a mouse looks like a pen with a wheel inside it. On this it goes up and down. This mouse is mostly used for touchscreen devices.

There are two types of clicks.

1. Left click: – Pressing the left mouse button is called left click.

2. Right-click: – Pressing the right mouse button is called right click.

By right clicking on any program, a file of the work done in that program is open.

Different forms and meanings of mouse pointer-

Now you must have become familiar with the mouse. But have you ever thought about how we recognize the mouse on the screen of the computer, then we try to understand it now.

In reality, the mouse is a 1 point device. Whom you have already known. According to this name, the computer mouse uses certain types of shapes, which are called mouse pointer, to further mark the items on the screen.

Mouse actions-

Mouse is a type of multifunctional device, with the help of which a lot of tasks can be done. The mouse is maximally used to keep the item on the screen selected.

But the mouse performs some actions to perform these functions, which we will try to understand below-

1. Pointing

When we move the cursor over the computer screen to select an item, it touches the Ponting item and opens a small box next to it telling us what the item is.

This kind of action is called gesture and this action is also called hoaring verb.

2. Selecting

When we insert an item on the computer screen, when the left mouse button is pressed once, it chooses that item. This action is called the action of selection.

3. Clicking

To click the mouse button, the right button or the left button is pressed and is pressed and released once. The action of pressing the mouse button is called a click.

4. Dragging and Dripping

Any object available on the computer screen can be moved from one place to another with the help of a mouse. For this, the mouse’s drawing and dropping program is used.

To select a program by the mouse, hold down the left button of the mouse on that object and drag that object to another location and later release the hand from the button to perform such tasks (skipping and dragging) It is called heeding and dropping.

5. Scrolling

Moving a file web page down and up using the wheel of a mouse is called scrolling.

To move the page of a file down, the wheel of the mouse has to rotate outward or forward and to move the file upward, the mouse is moved to its side or back.

Keeping all these things in mind, we can be part of the use of the mouse. Understanding all these types of things, the user will be comfortable in operating the computer using them.

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