What is motherboard and how many types are there ?

What is motherboard and how many types are there ?

If you want to know about the motherboard, then stay on this post as usual. Today we will give you information about what is motherboard and other motherboards.

You may know all about motherboard and motherboard but do you also know what is motherboard ? How many types are there? And how to use it?

There is a PCB board inside the computer cabinet that connects all other parts or parts of the computer. It is also called the most important part of the computer.

Therefore this part is called Mother Board. Mother means- mother (who handles all) and board means- one who handles all parts.

What is a mother board ?

The motherboard is the most important part of the computer within which all the main device parts are connected in which parts of RAM, ROM, HardDisk, Keyboard, Mouse etc. are connected.

All these are connected through dedicated parts. The mother board sends power supply to all the parts connected to it and maintains communication or relationship with all of them.

A computer mother board is a printed circuit board made of PCB which we know as a system board, logical board, printed wire board.

The mother board is a fiber or plastic PCB sheet or seat in which ports are made to connect the tigers of all devices.

All the port connections are soldered into the motherboard which we can see with our naked eyes.

Different types of computer motherboards –

The mother board is available in equipment capacities and many features and its features and capabilities depend on the motherboard manufacturers.

therefore there is no special type of motherboard available but it is divided into two parts based on their design –

(1) Integrated Motherboard
(2) Non-Integrated Motherboard
1. Integrated Motherboard

The motherboard in which separate ports are available for connecting all parts of the computer is called Integrated Motherboard.

In this motherboard, CPU, FAN, ROM etc. parts are not connected through the shoulder but separate slots are made in it. Such a motherboard is used in PC (Personal computer).
2. Non-Integrated Motherboard

A motherboard that does not have ports to connect all the necessary parts of the computer is called a Non-Integrated Motherboard.
In this mother board, parts of RAM, R0M, CPU, etc.

Are added through the shoulder and can not be upgraded later Tablet Smartphone Such a device uses a similar motherboard.

Motherboard Functions –

1. The mother board provides space for connecting the useful devices and parts in the computer, hence it is also called the “reed bone” of the computer.

2. It provides power supply to all the connecting parts and also manages them.

3. It connects one device to another and makes communication in them.

It preserves all the programmatic settings and information of the computer so that the computer can be started locally.

Different parts of motherboard –

The motherboard or components of the computer act as hubs in which the necessary equipment and parts are connected.

Each device is connected to a dedicated location in the motherboard. This place is called a port.

The motherboard has each type of port to which all the equipment of the computer parts of the computer can be connected. The correct and complete information of the motherboard port is given below-
1. Serial ports

The serial port is used to connect additional keyboard icons and older modems. This fort comes in two models 9 pins and 25 days.

2. Parallel ports

In this kind of parallel port, the scanner and the printer are connected. There are 25 pins inside this port which is also known as print port.
3.Ps/2 Port

The shape of this port is round, through which the keyboard and mouse are connected. Nowadays such port is being used very less.

4. USB Port

You may well know this type of port, but it would be appropriate to tell you one more time.

(A) Full name of USB is “Universal Serial Bus” in which all types of USB devices (USB devices) such as Mouse, Keyboard, Printer, Hard disk etc. Is added through

(B) USB was invented by an Indian honorable Ajay Bhatt. This port was built in the year 1999 and its data transfer capability is very fast and high.
5.VGA Port

This port is used to connect a monitor to a computer.

6. power connect Port

This port is used to connect the motherboard to the power supply. Power does not go directly to the motherboard. It first goes into the SMPS box and then reaches the motherboard.
7. Modem port

The modem fort is used to connect the computer to the Internet. Its size is almost like a USB port.

8. External Port

Such a port is used to connect one computer to another computer. The network is connected via cable.
9. Game Port

Game ports are used to connect sports equipment and joy sticks. But at this time USB port is being used in its place.

10. DVI (DVI) Port

The DVI port’s flower name is a digital video interface. Ports are used to connect computers to LCDs, monitors, etc.
11. Socket Port

This port is used to connect microphones, headphones and speakers to the computer. These types of ports are round and small.

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