What is Mobile App and how is it used ?

What is Mobile App and how is it used ?

In today’s modern times, the name of mobile app will be heard everywhere. This development of Smartphone has brought the App to every person.

Seeing its uses and benefits, it is impossible to avoid its use.

If you do not know about Mobile App, what is Mobile App and how to use it? So let us tell you in this post today what is Mobile App, so read it completely.

What is mobile app ?

Mobile App is a software which is developed for Smartphone, Tablet, PC, iPad etc.

Mobile App is a shortened form of Computer Version which is specially developed and designed for Smart Phones.

Its main purpose is to increase the user’s product, give special facilities and easy distribution. It provides easy access to mobile devices as compared to computers.

This Mobile App is provided by Mobile Operating System and Smartphone Manufacturers through App Store in the form of Cost and Free Cost.

The credit for popularizing the mobile application goes to Apple Inc. For the first time this feature was introduced by Apple iPhone.

The term App was later announced by American Dialect Society in 2010, given its usefulness and popularity.

Features of Mobile App

We are able to do the work done by the computer program from the mobile device. This is the biggest feature of mobile apps.

In this way the mobile app is popular for the user due to many features and quality.

1.Small Size:

The size of mobile apps is very small as compared to computer. For this reason, there is no problem in running the smartphone even with less memory.

2.Easy Use:

It is very easy to operate the mobile app. It is very cheap and easy as compared to computer.

Graphical User Interface (GUI) is used to develop this app. In which it is easy to use with touch screen. Any person can use it easily.

3.Special Feature:

Some different special features are also provided in the mobile app as compared to the computer.

4.High Speed:

The working capacity of Mobile App is faster than other Apps or Programs.

5.Easy Availability:

Mobile apps are easily available in comparison to computer programs. These are made available by the mobile service provider in the form of App Store.

So that they can be downloaded and used in a safe way.

6. Much safer:

Mobile apps are more reliable and secure than computer software.

App store creators get listed as an app store only after all the important security provisions from their side.

Types of Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are mainly divided into three parts according to their capability and utility. So let us now know about them.

1.Hybrid Apps:

The name of this also suggests that these apps are developed for more than one mobile platform and device. These apps are developed using web based technology.

These are developed for the same code to be compatible for multiple devices. Hybrid App can also run on iPhone, Android and other devices. We can run them in any operating system.

2.Native Apps:

Such apps are developed for only one device or operating system. For example, the app developed for the iphone can be run only in the device of ios.

We cannot operate them in other smartphones. It is not compatible with other devices. Their processing work is quite fast. This app gives good User Experience to the user with quality.

3.Web-Based Apps:

Such apps are created using CSS, Java Script and HTML technical languages. Their size and shape are very small.

But their performance is very less as compared to others. A web browser is used to access such apps.

Distribution of Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps are not made available through Websites like Computer Software.

Access to these apps is ensured through the Dedicated App Store.

Mobile Service Providers provide the service of Apps to the user through their respective App Stores.

They can also be downloaded from other private App Stores by changing the setting.

Best Mobile App Store:


In App store was started by Apple Inc. They are made only for ios. From here ipad, iphone, ipod etc. can be downloaded for apple devices.


These app stores are developed by the tech giant Microsoft for Microsoft devices. It develops for both mobile and computer devices.

Google Play Store:

This is the most popular App Store till date, which is developed by google for android. Games and other apps are downloaded from this platform for all Android devices.

Samsung Apps:

Samsung App Store was started by Samsung Company. But it is only for Android Device. It does not have much popularity on the play store.

Amazon Apps:

Such apps have been launched by E-commerce company Amazon to make it available for certain devices like Kindle, Amazon fire etc.

what have you learned ?

In this post we have told that what is mobile ? You must have known about the app in detail.

We hope that by reading this post, you have understood the complete information about the app. Now you will not have any problem in using it and you will be able to use the app easily.

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