What is GPS Tracker and how does it work?

What is GPS Tracker and how does it work ?

Have you ever wondered what is GPS tracker and how it works? So today we will help you learn about GPS tracker.

If you want to understand better about the GPS full form, then read our complete post. After reading this, you will not have any difficulty in understanding it.GPS (Gglobal Positioning System)

In this time man can reach the moon, so he can go from one place to another very easily. Today’s human beings have made this task even easier.

This device is a huge science invention. This device can deliver us to any place at any time. Gives us information about any leaf and route easily.

What is GPS ?

GPS (Gglobal Positioning System) is a global navigation satellite system that continuously gives information about our position.

GPS tells information about our location and location as well as our speed and time synchronization.

In a way it also determines our direction and also shows us the location and route from one place to another through satellite.

Full form of GPS ?

The full form of GPS is “Global Positioning System“.

How does GPS work ?

The GPS map works via satellite. These satellites send signals to Earth. Connects GPS Satellite Signals to yourself.

The map signals sent through the GPS satellite show on the screen. The United States has launched more than 50 GPS satellites so far. These satellites keep sending signals continuously for 24 hours.

The receiver of our phone shows the time and distance through the received signal of the satellite. It is through these signals that the location of our mobile is displayed.

Definition of GPS ?

The system which consists of three things Satellite, Receivers and Ground Station is called GPS (Global Positionlg System).

History of GPS – History of GPS

GPS was first used by the Department of Defense. GPS is often referred to by the American Navigation System also known as NAVSTAR.

It is also known as Global Navigation Satellite System (GNNS) or GLONASS.

Sputnik satellite was launched in 1957 by the Soviet Union. So that good location technology can be obtained through it. The US Navy launched submarines with satellite navigation.

In earlier times GPS was only available for government use. But in today’s time, everyone has GPS available.

GPS Usage ?

You know that there are many uses of GPS, but we will tell about the main usage here.

1. Navigation:

It is used to move from one place to another.


It tells us about our situation.


It is used to monitor an object.


It gives us information about the maps around the world.


This gives us the right information in the measurement of the correct time.

In today’s time, GPS is very much used. We use it to prepare a map, measure the correct time and find the position or location.

what have you learned ?

In this post we have explained what is GPS tracker? Must have known about GPS in detail.

We hope that by reading this post you have understood the complete information about GPS. Now you are not going to have any problem in using GPS full form and you will be able to use GPS easily.

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