What is Google Search Console and how to use it ?

What is Google Search Console ?

This tool was earlier known as google webmaster. The name of Google Webmaster Tool was changed to Google Search Console in 2015.

This tool is designed to convey the information of your website to Google. With this, Google can reach the information about your website to the user with its help.

We can see the real time performance of our website, all pages, posts and valid pages, Keyword Ranking through our website through Google Search Tool.

This webmaster tool prepares us for indexing, ranking and reporting of the errors and issues encountered in our website.

The main use of this tool is also used to delete any other url from our website.

Features of Google Search Console –

We will tell you about some of the features of Google Search Consele here.

1.Site Overviom:

In the Dashboard of Google Search Console, we can see the website performance with the help of Overview option.

Apart from this, information about Mobile Usability Report, Search Result and CTTC (click through track) can also be taken.

2.Site Performance:

We get information about clicks, ctr and imperssion in the site performance option of the tools of Google Search Console. It also shows how many users have clicked on your webpage.

3.URL Inspection:

You can also easily do a live inspection of all the urls of the website in this option with the help of the url inspection option of Google Search Console.

4.URL Indexing:

When we check all the posts of our website in google search console, then it lets us know whether the url of our post is still indexed in google or not.

With the help of this tool, we can index the url of all the blog posts. First we have to indes the url and go to Request indexing and send it to index.


When Google Crawler visits your website, it shows you the report of all the webpages found there such as Valid With Warning page, Error page and Excluded page in the Caverage option.


For a website, it is first necessary to create a site map. We can also generate this map with the help of any plugin in wordpress.

If you use the Yaost plugin in your WordPress, then it automatically creates a site map for you.

Why is Google Search Console special ?

Google Search Console is a software that provides many facilities to control our website through Google. This feature also helps in making our website SEO friendly.

Along with the indexing ranking of this blog post, the sitemap is also submitted in it. Whatever SEO (Search Engine Optimization) we do in our blog.

Google Search Console also keeps giving us its information. Google Search Console provides many features for our website.

How to Save Sitemap in Google Search Console ?

When we create a sitemap of our website, then you have to submit the sitemap of your website or blog to Google Search Console so that all the URLs of our website will be indexed in Google.

1.First of all you have to login to google search console to submit the sitemap. After this click on the sitemap option.

2.Then later you have to enter the sitemap url of your webaite on add new sitemap.

3.After this, submit the sitemap to google by clicking on the submit button.

4.sitemap optaion google search console has such a feature that indexes all the posts of your website in search engine.


In the Google Search Console tool, we get reports of internal links, top ranking, external links and top linking.

URL Removals:

If you want to remove any URL of yours, then you can easily remove the URL from the URL Removals option with the help of Google Search Console.

Mobile Usability And AMP:

If you use AMP plugin in your website, then you can check the errors and problems coming in the amp page through Console.

Manual Actions:

This is the option in which information is received about the website being penalized in google for some reason. Manual action is taken when a website is involved in fishy activities.

What did you learn today ?

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We hope that by reading this post, you must have understood the complete information about GSC. Now you will not have any problem in using it.

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