What is Free Fire Game Online and how to play this game?

What is Free Fire Game Online and how to play this game ?

Today in this post we will tell you what is Free Fire Game Online and how to play this game? You all must know that Free Fire game is a very popular and battleground game. Very much like to play this game.

There are more than 100 minions on Play Store of Free Fire Game Online. From this we can find out how good the quality and quality of this game is.

This game has been developed by 111 Dots Studio. The biggest feature of Free Fire Game is its low Mb size, which can be easily used in any low quality device.

What is Free Fire Game Online ?

Garena free fire Game is also known as free fire betalground or free fire.

free fire is an ActionAdventure Battle Royal game which is also available for mobile versuon. Free Fire Game has been developed by 111 Dots Studio.

Fire Game was released on 20 November 2017 by Beta. Then later it was officially released on December 04, 2017 for iOS and Android as well.

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This game consists of more than 50 players who descend from a parachute on top of a lamp in search of equipment and weapons to fight with another player, which gives them the booyah that is the winer in the game.

Free Fire Game has more than 500 million users. Children like to play this game very much. Free Fire is a multiplayer type of game.

There are three maps in this game. The first map is named Bermuda, the second is named Purgatory and the third map is named Kalahari.

Every player has to land at one of these places and find weapons and kill other players.

Which country is the Free Fire Game from ?

At this present time there are more than 500 million users in the world of free fire game. Currently this game has become very popular. There are many people who want to know which country this game belongs to.

Free Fire Game is made by a Singapore based Garena company. This company has made this game in Singapore only. This company does the work of Digital Finance, Gaming and e-commerce.

Free Fire Game is designed by

In the time of 2018, Battle Royal became very popular on computer. The most popular game in this game is pubg which many people have started liking.

But at that time there was no Battle Royal game for mobile. Seeing this kind of situation, the founder of Garena Company forrest Li decided to make a good battle royal game for the Mobole device (drcision).

The development of Free Fire Game (Develpment) started in 2017. Garena’s two small comapny Omens Studios (Nethaerlands) and 111 Dots Studio (Vietnam) were given the task to build the game.

A few days later, this company released the beta version of this game (Bita versuon). Later on 30 September 2017, free fire game was launched world wide.

Before this game, the Battle Royal game pubg mobile versuon was launched. But this game also became very popular with it. Free fire game became the number 1 game in 22 countries 2 months after its launch.

Who is the owner of Free Fire Game ?

This game has been created by the garena company whose Nim 2009 was placed in Singapore. Garena is made up of two words Global and Arena.

Since 2009, this company has made more than 30 games, including popular games like Headshot contrd, firefall, Arena of valor, fifa.

The founder (founder) owner of the Garena Company is Forrest Li. The idea to make this game came in his mind.

Forrest Li is currently holding the post of CEO and Chairman of the Garena Company.
The first product of Garena Company is garena plus which is an online gameing and social media platform.

Along with playing games in this platform, you can also talk to friends. After the launch of free fire in 2017, the company has gained a special new identity.

How to create Free Fire Game ID ?

If you want to play free fire game, then in the first game you have to create an account (id) which you can identify.

If you also want to create an account in this game, then you have to follow all the steps given below in this post.

Step 1. To make a free fire game id, you must first dowmload the free fire game from the play store.

Step 2. When you open the game after downloading, two options will appear in front of you to create the id.

The first will be of Gest Account and second will be of Facebook Account. You have to click on Facebook account. When you create an account from facebook, your id will be sef.

Step 3. After this, whatever account will be in mobile, you will automatically detect it. Now you have to click on continue coming down.

Step 4. After that you enter your good character name. You can also enter a name according to the mail character or the female character here.

Step 5. As soon as you select your avatar name character, then your id will be ready. Now you can play free fire game easily

How to play Free Fire Game ?

To play this game, first of all an id has to be created. If you create an id then you will be able to play this game properly. First of all, you have to open the game.

Now the home page of free fire game will be open in front of you. You see many different things here.

To start the game, you have to click on the Start button below. This will start finding lobi for you as soon as you click.

When you find the lobby, it is taken from the top of the map by sitting in a plean. After this, when you have to land at the place you have to click on the button of the jump.

Now you will land at that place. Then you have to find a good gun here so that you can destroy your enemies. Here 50 people are made to land with a plane.

After this, you will start coming to Blue Zone in front of you. You have to enter inside it in due time. If not done, your helth becomes low and you will lose.

You have to kill the enemies by going inside this John. If you survive to the end and kill all your enemies then you will win. The winner here is given a booyah.

How to Download Free Fire Game ?

If you are an Android user, you can download Garena Free Fire Game from Google play store. If you are an iOS user, you can download it from the App store and then install it in your phone.

Free Fire Game Guide –

When you open this game, you will have a home page oprn of this game in front of you. Here you get different types of optaion.

On the home page you mainly see 5 types of options.


Through this optaion you can take the things used in the game. You can buy skins, characters, stomachs, name cards, clothes and many more.

If you want to get skin for your gun, then you can buy it by paying money through this option. You can also buy through Skin Diamond. You can also get a belly for your character here.


In this optaion you get to see different types of Birds and Animals. You can buy these pets by paying diamonds or money. If you buy one of these stomachs, then it will remain with you in the match. It remains behind even during the completion of the match.


With the help of this option, you can change your avatar. You also get optaion of Mal and Femal in it.

Here you will get to see different types of avatars in mail and female. But here the options are locked in the first time. When you gradually complete your level here, then they are unlocked.

4.Luck Royal:

Luck Royal is the optaion of a spin where you will be able to spin through the diamond. Spinning here gives you different types of material that you can use while playing the game.

You need 3 diamonds to win a prize by doing a spin. You should not have 1 diamond.


When you complete the level of free fire game, then you are given Coins for winning the entire level here. Winr also gets different Riwards on winning here.

You have to collect these rewards and coins. You can buy good content from them in free fire games.

what have you learned ?

In this post, we have told what is free fire game online? You must have known about garena in detail.

We hope that by reading this post, you have understood the complete information about the Garena Free Fire Game. Now you will not have any problem in using garena free fire game and you will be able to use free fire easily.

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