What is Email Marketing and why do it ?

What is Email Marketing and why do it ?

In today’s time, many means are available on the internet to earn money online. Due to the growing emai marketing online business, their demand is also increasing more.

Many people today keep looking for many opportunities to earn money online.

Today we will tell you in this post what is email marketing and how to earn money online from it. If you want to know about it, then read and understand this post completely.

What is Email Marketing ?

Email marketing means to promote a service or product. We can do this in many ways – like through online website, through social media and ads and also through email.

When we send email to customers to promote any of our products and services, then this business is called Email Marketing.

Here we cannot send email through any other medium. We are talking about sending email online here.

That is, we are telling about sending all this email in the form of electronics and not about sending it by any post or other medium.

Email marketing is a very good service and medium of promotion.

How is Email Marketing done ?

If we want to do Email Marketing then we can. This is not a difficult task. We can do this in a few ways.

1. First of all you have to make sure what kind of email marketing you want to do.

If you are a blogger and you are running a website, then you will have to create emails related to it to increase the traffic and subscriber on your website.

2. After this, you have to prepare a list of email addresses of people to whom you want to send emails.

Here you have to mail on more mail cards. You can get this list from their website.

3. To get such a list, you have to put Newslatter visits in your website.

When a user comments on your post, his email address will come to you. You have all the email cards in this way.

4. You can email to all these email addresses. But we know how we can send email to so many cards at once.

We use any marketing tool or software to send email to all email addresses at once.

5. When you send mail through this, it will go in their name only. This will also attract customers and will also read the post.

Why is it good to do email marketing ?

There are many reasons for this marketing that has made it good.

1.Email marketing has low cost –

Email marketing is cheap and very easy to do. We can do this by ourselves too. This can also be done through an email marketing agency.

It requires internet and a leptop or computer.

2. The reach of email marketing is high –

Through this marketing, we can reach a promotion to more people in a very short time.

People who receive this email can act on it immediately. This work has to be done with own investment.

3.Email Marketing is Easier to Reach Customers –

There are many people who like the product of the same brand. In such a situation, those people do not know about the offer and the company also does not reach those people.

In this way the company informs the users to the people through Brand Email Marketing.

4. Email Marketing is Personal –

When you can send an email using Email Marketing in an attractive way on any subject line. There is a 30% good chance that the recipient of the mail will open it.

Through this, you can send many information like company’s past purchases, interest related and product offers through email.

Which is the best email marketing service ?

In today’s modern times, there are many services and tools available to do email marketing. Here we will tell you about some email marketing services below.

1. Aweber:

The world’s most popular and oldest email marketing service provider is a platform form Aweber.

If you want to start email marketing then start with Aweber. Also offers 30 days free trial to Aweber. Its cost is $ 30 per month.

2.Send in Blue:

This is a software for all email marketing and complete SMS. It is the fastest growing email marketing platform in European countries.

It provides us with the tools that make our email beautiful and highly attractive. provides us with 300 emails per day and a fee of $ 25 per month.

3. Convertkit:

This platform is a very good and robust convert kit for writers, marketers and professional bloggers.

It also provides free training for 14 days. Its price starts from $29 per month.

4. Mailchip:

Mainly Mail Chip is one of the best and popular email marketing service provider platform in the world.

It provides free regular email marketing service. It pays us $10 per month for 500 Subscribers.

what have you learned ?

In this post we have told what is email marketing? You must have learned about marketing in detail.

We hope that by reading this post, you must have understood the complete information about marketing.

Now you will not have any problem in using email marketing and you will be able to use email marketing easily.

There is an expectation from you that by sharing this post on your friends, facebook, group and all other friends and social media, reach them, so that they can also get information about Email marketing.

If you want to reach anything more then you can ask us through comment.

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