What is domain name and how to choose a good domain name?

What is domain name and how to choose a good domain name ?

Whenever we think about the name of any work or business before starting it. This name can become your identity going forward. What is domain name?

If you are serious about blogging and want to earn money from it, then you also have to choose such a domain name.

If you take a new domain again, then you have to do the previous work again. Because your blog gets indexed in google. If you also want to know how to choose a good domain name? So read this post completely.

What is Domain Name ?

Whenever we go to a website, we use a name to reach it, that is called a domain name.

Millions of domain names are bought every day in the World Wide Web (WWW). All domain names come under an Internet Protocol (IP).

In Google, the IP address is in a number, so these numbers cannot be remembered, so this name is kept as a domain.

There are many rules for accessing the Internet. HTTPS prefers the same rules that there are many extension names of a domain name to access any website.

There are many more such domain names like .in, .com, .uk, .pk, .net, .org, .online, .xyz etc.

What should be the domain name ?

If you are creating a blog, then the name and domain name of the blog is very important for that. I will tell you some tips here which will help in your domain name.
1. What is your main topic?

First of all, you have to think about what is the main topic of your website or blog, about which you share information on your blog.

It can be any topic like- Cooking, News, Sports, Food, Fashion, Technology etc. You have good knowledge of the topic about which you know more, choose that topic.

If you want to blog about News then your domain name should be related to News. This allows people to know that the blog is about news.
2. Don’t copy famous domain names?

There are many people who make this mistake that they make their new domain name by adding something in relation to the popular domain name.

In such a situation, he thinks that with this name our domain name will become famous. If you make your identity with the help of other’s identity then it is a little difficult.

Suppose the name of our blog is Blogging.com and if we change this name to Bloggings.com, then it will not mean as much as people know the first one. You select your own name.
3.Top Laveal Name Domin?

If we buy any top level domain name then its advantage is that people easily remember your domain name.

If you want to make your blog for all countries then choose .com, .in, .net only. By far the most popular domain name is .com.

If you want to run your blog in your own country, then you can select any country wise domain name. Like- .in, .com, .co, .uk etc.
4.Domain Name should not be more than 3 words?

If you use a Continu internet then you must have ever seen that there are as many popular websites as there are. His name is always found in 2-3 words only.

It is not necessary that you keep your name in 2-3 words only. You can also use more words. If you keep the words short they will be easier to remember.

Whenever you buy a domain name, keep it between 10 to 12 words. This will be the best.
5. Use Google?

Whatever topic your blog is on, use google in the use of words related to the same topic. You can search other blogs related to the topic of your blog in google.

With this you will notice that whatever blog you are making on google, how many other people are there and what is their name.
6. Is the domain name easy to speak?

It will not be necessary for you to keep the name in 2-3 words only. You can use words related to your blog in it.

What we mean is that whatever name you put it can be easily remembered.

There are many such popular blogs in the world whose name is short and it is also famous. You can also take a name like a popular blog. which is easy to remember.
7.Domain Important Time ?

Whenever you buy a domain, think about it quickly and also buy the domain of the same name.

If you think more about it whenever you buy a domain name, search for the same related information and name. This will not cause you any problem in the future.

There are also many people who buy domain names without thinking. Then after blogging for a few days, think about how to change the name of the domain.

You should never make such a mistake that you have to change the domain name again.

what have you learned ?

In this post we have told what is domain name? You must have known in detail about the best domain name.

We hope that by reading this post, you must have understood the complete information about domain name. Now you will not have any problem in using the domain and you will be able to use it easily.

There is an expectation from you that you share this post on your friends, facebook, group and all other friends and social media and reach them, so that they too can get information about the domain name.

If you want to reach anything more then you can ask us through comment.

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