What is Data Base and how does a database work?

What is Data Base and how does a database work ?

No matter how small business or any company or government organization or multinational comany, web applaction or website, even when you ever see a program or anything in mobile, everything is data Base.

If you have ever heard its name. But if you do not know about what a database is, then read it carefully to understand it better.

What is data base ?

A database is a group of many data. It is stored systematically inside this database. Whenever we need this data, then who can use it easily.

Special types of database software and programing are used to access and control such data.

In a Data Base, data is stored in a special kind of table which contains many rows and columns, with the help of which they can be easily acess.

There are many websites on the Internet that use Data Base. Suppose you have a facebook account, then there is a lot of data of your information in it, such as – mobile number, email, post, message, photo, etc. information is stored in the server as data.

What are the benefits of Data Base ?

You must have known about what the data base is, now let’s also know its benefits.

1. More data can be stored in less space inside the data base.

2. Any information in the database can be easily accessed.

3. It is easy to insert new data inside it and delete the data and delete the old data.

4. Data can be accessed again in the data base.

5. Data can be stored separately in this form.

6. Many users or applaction can access a single database simultaneously.

7. It is very easy to export data from data table from any one.

8. Inside it, the data and the program remains separate from each other, compared to the page file, there is also more Security Provide.

Where is Data Base Used ?

There are many examples of data base usage, all of which are very difficult to explain. Here are some examples below in which data base is used.

1.Social Meadia:

There are many people who use social media like google plus, instagram, facebook so that they can connect with their friends over there and share their thoughts.

Many people are installed on these social meadia platforms. But the information of each of these things is stored and connecting with other people is a function of the database.

2.Telecommunication (Telecom):

No telecom company can do business without a database. Telecom companies have to keep the information of their bills and call records with them. Apart from this, there are many companies that use Data Base.


The information of all school and college students is kept in the database because it is safe and easy to keep these information in the data base.

4. Online Shoping Website:

Whenever you buy any goods from any e-commerce website, you can see the information of your order anytime. All information of all Online Shoping is stored in the Data Base.

5.Hospital Management System:

It is necessary to keep a record of the information of the doctor and the patient and other staff in the hospital. Therefore, it is very important to keep all the information related to these.

6.Adhar Card:

In today’s time, everyone will have an Aadhaar card. But have you thought that when you enter our Aadhaar number in a website, all our information is in front of us. This whole data base is amazing.

7. Banking:

The transactions we do every day have become even easier. No matter how much money we can send to someone from your phone in 1 minute. The task of making this Networking easier is with the database itself.

Key Elements of Data Base –

Any database can have three components.

1. Record:

We can also say the rows we make. We can keep any type of number and name information in these rows.


A complete table is created when we combine the Recoard and Fields we have created in the Computer. In this type of table, many types of different related data are stored.

3. Field:

All types of tables, the field is shown in columns. In simple language, only the column of the table is called field.

In today’s modern time, it has become very necessary to keep all the information about online work done in Kurukshetra. Because there is so much data that is difficult to store. This is why database is used so that data can be stored and kept safe.

what have you learned ?

In this post, we have explained what is the data base? You must have known about the data in detail.

We hope that by reading this post, you have understood the complete information about the data base. Now you will not have any problem in using the database and you will be able to use the data easily.

If you want to reach anything further, you can ask us through comments.

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