What is computer and how many types of it?

What is computer and how many types it ?

What is computer? If you want to know about Computer, then stay on this post as usual. Today we will give you information about what is Computer and other computers.

You will all know about Computer and Computer full form, but do you also know what is computer ? How many types are there? And how to use it?

Computers are a wonderful inventor of the 20th century. 1982, he was given the title of ‘Main of the year’ by Time magazine. In the beginning, computers were used only in scientific and high-tech space related work.

In the 1960s, the importance of computers increased in the field of computer business. At present, there is no area of life where computers are not used. Computers are being used in education science, medicine, science and other fields.

what is Computer ?

The word computer consists of the word Compute which means to calculate. Therefore, the computer is also known as calculating device.

The invention of computers is a major achievement of the twentieth century. Today, computers do not need any introduction. At this time there is no area of life in which computer is not being used.

The use of computers is being maximized in all fields of scientific research, business industry, environmental meteorology, space expedition, world traffic, medicine, education, entertainment etc.

The communication system is made up of connected connections to computers around the world. The Internet has become so effective that a new era has started in the information technology era.

In today’s information technology era, life without computers is unlikely to be imagined.

Computers have contributed a lot in all areas of the development of humanity. Computers have also solved many difficult problems and made many impossible tasks possible.

Computer is very important for a developing country like India, because computer plays an important role in improving the economic condition of the nation.

Full Form of Computer:

C – Commonly Simple
O – Opreating
M – Machine Equipment
P – Particularly Required
U – Used for Use
T – Trade
E – Education
R – Research Discovery

History of Computer- History of Computer

In the old times calculations were done with the help of mechanical devices, Abacus is also called the first computer. But later, devices such as Pascal, Larais, Jacob, Etasafberi etc. were used in calculations and they also did not have memory.

Analytical and defense machines were invented by Charles Babbage in the 17th century. In which memory was a very big feature. For this reason, Charles Bavage is called the father of computers.

ENIAC is the first electronic computer.

What is computer in English ?

Computer word is calculated in English by the word compute which means to count or to count. The original purpose of the invention of the computer was to build a calculating machine.

But today more than 80% of the work done by a computer is not of nature, defining the computer as just calculating machine, 80% of it has to be done.

Power and memory are stored based on the ability of the compute to be developed by the developed computer and the computer follows the instructions while eating the eyelid.

Generation of Computer-

We divide generations of computers into five parts. Each generation of computers can be defined based on the technology used.

With the passage of time, new technologies such as innovations have taken place, and the efficiency of computers has increased greatly with each growing generation.
First Generation 1942–1956:

In the first generation computers, magnetic drums were used for storing data in a vacuum tube as the main electronic component. His size was quite large.

Even a large chamber was needed to keep them. He was very demanding and much of the heat was used by surgeons, due to which it was very difficult and necessary to cool him.

Machine language was used as their programming language to operate first generation computers. Inputs of first generation computers were given on the basis of punch cards and paper. The first generation computers could solve only one problem at a time.
Second Generation 1956–1965:

In second generation computers, transistors were used as electronic components. Transistors used to be efficient, fast, low power consumption and more cheap and reliable than first generation computers. However, they produced excessive heat, and were also more reliable.

In this generation, magnetic and primary memory and magnetic tapes and magnetic disks are used as secondary storage devices. The phone was introduced as a high-level computer programming language.
Third Generation 1965-1975:

Integrated circuits (ICs) were used in place of transistors in third generation computers. A single IC transistor could hold a large number of resistors and capacitors in one place, making the size of the computer even smaller.

Keyboards and monitors were used by this generation of computers for input / output. The concept of operating system was introduced at this time.

This generation introduced the concept of time sharing (typing sharing) and much programming operating systems. Many new high-level programming languages originated in this generation, such as Fortran, IV, Pascal, Basic, etc.
Fourth Generation 1975-1988:

The generation introduced micro-processors in which thousands of IC11s could be manufactured on a silicon chip.

Speedi’s computers largely used integrated circuit technology. The Intel 4004 chip was developed in 1971, positioning all components of a computer on a single chip.

This experiment led to the birth of small-sized computers, known as desktop computers or personal computers.

In this generation the concept of time sharing, real time processing, distributor operating system was used as well as new high level programming languages like C, C ++, databases were used in this generation.
Fifth generation since 1988 till now:

A new technology emerged in the form of the fifth generation called ULSI (Ultra Large Scale Integration), under which microprocessor chips can include up to 1 million electronic devices.

In this video, the concept of artificial intelligence, voice recognition, mobile world, satellite world, signal data processing were introduced. High-level programming languages such as JAVA, VB and NET started in this.

Types of computers based on technology-

1: Analog Computer
2: Digital Computer
3: Hybrid Computer
1: Analog Computer

In an analog computer, data transmission is in a straight line, also known as ‘analog transmission’.

This computer forgives physical quantities such as pressure, heat, length, etc. and expresses their result in digits. For example- analog computer installed in petrol pump.

The analog computer mounted on the petrol pump displays the quantity of the petrol pump in liters as well as the calculation of the price.

In a fire alarm, the analog computer reports the temperature of the atmosphere and activates the alarm when the temperature exceeds a threshold. Analog computers are used in speedometers, clocks, power meters, thermometers, voltage meters, etc.

In analog computers, the signals are continuous (Continuois). It works only on the principles of measurement and converts the value it receives into data.
2: Digital Computer

Digital computers are used with a binary 0.1 or True-Fals signal. These signals are biscuits. For example, it is used in calculators, watch etc. They are also used for all these functions, business and home.

Digital computers work only on numbers. They work on the same data which is received as binary digit. All data and instructions can be input simultaneously in a digital computer, and the computer calculates according to the instructions and provides the result as output.

Performs logical actions of digital computers along with calculations. Being a computer, it can be used in various tasks. Digital computer signals are discontinuous.

Digital computers work in digital form of information. computers work with more precision and faster speed. These computers also work by counting. These computers are used for general purpose applications and for processing vast amounts of data.
3: Hybrid Computer

Hybrid computers have the characteristics of both analog and digital computers. Its main use is more in the medical field.

A computer has the analogous properties of both analog and digital computers. Therefore, this computer works on signals like heat, speed, flow etc.

It also performs the task of calculating and performing logical actions. Their output can be used as a unit of measurement of digits.

Hybrid computers are being used more in the medical field. Performs the functions of the patient in the form of temperature, temperature, blood pressure etc.

The results are then displayed in digits by converting them into digital signals.

Hybrid computer displays the life of both digital and analog computers. Hybrid computer systems provide a way to setup and demonstrate a cost-effective digital simulation.

These computers function like a Controller.

Classification of computers on the basis of size-

1: Microcomputer
2: Mini Computer
3: Main Frame Computer
4: Super Computer
1: Microcomputer

In a microcomputer, the ALU and the CPU are mounted on the same board, that is, the same motherboard uses the entire input output on this computer. It is used to operate another machine.

Microcomputers are small in size and low cost. Computers in homes, offices, schools, are examples of microcomputers.

They have only one CPU and the storage capacity and working speed of these computers are slow. Only one person can work on these at a time. They are also called personal computers.

Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones It is the same type of microcomputer. These computers are used a lot and they have emerged as a computer used at a very fast pace.

These computers are the cheapest among the four basic computers. It is used to perform common types of tasks such as communication, education, entertainment and other purposes.
2: Mini Computer

A computer that is used in normal daily needs is called a desktop computer. It processes the data at a fast speed.

Mini computers are mid-sized general purpose computers. These are more functional and powerful and more expensive than microcomputers.

They have high storage capacity and working speed. Of these, more than one C.P.U. Occur. More than one action can be done on it at one time.

Mini computers are often used in small business. Supercomputers are not as powerful, but still they come in the count of powerful machines. They are used in the production operations of large and middle class companies.

This computer can function according to the concept of single and multi users conscepts. They are used in offices, banks, etc.
3: Main Frame Computer

Mainframe computers are quite large in size. They have a lot of storage capacity and working rate. Many people can work on these computers at one time, they are also more expensive.

Mainframe computers have high storage capacity. These computers have been built by connecting thousands of computers. Main Frame Computer is used to control them.

The first supercomputer was built in 1964, named the CDC 66100.

Mainframe computers are used in the business operations of government organizations and budgie business companies. These computers are kept in the room, where it is provided with cooling and other facilities.

It can process very large amounts of data at a high speed. In large business, banks, educational institutions and companies, mainframe computers are used to keep their customers’ data safe.

They are often used in railway reservations, insurance companies, research institutes, and large commercial organizations.
4: Super Computer

Supercomputers are very large and are called supercomputers due to their high speed and high storage capacity. It is used in very specific tasks. This computer is used to control the satellite.

✓ World’s First Super Computer – Cray
✓ India’s first Super Computer – Param

Supercomputers are the largest computers and have greater organization capacity and speed of functioning. More complex and higher-order accuracy is calculated from supercomputers.

These computers are very expensive. Their price is in billions of rupees. Many people can work on these simultaneously. They are mainly used in scientific research organization functions, weather forecasting and space research laboratory.

Supercomputer is the most powerful computer in terms of data storage capacity and data processing. Supercomputers are very special which are used for the purposes of very important discoveries and scientific work.

Used by NASA for the purpose of controlling the spacecraft and searching in space. Computers require a lot of space to work and are also very expensive.

Miscellaneous use of computer

The use of computers has become very widespread, the utility of computers has increased so much today that the era of today has also been called the computer era.

Some incidents were ACs which were not under human control. With the invention of computers, some incidents became easier. The purpose of the invention of computers was to automate calculations.

In areas where time and precision were required a lot, the use of computers became mandatory.

Its importance in future-related predictions, space-related processes, nuclear plant operations, etc. increased in some areas, without which the development of computers would not have been possible due to the generation of the first human computer on the Moon.

Communication Systems:

Changes have been made in many revolutions in the field of communication with the use of computers. Today, by just pressing the button, a person sitting in any corner of the world can be contacted or interacted and for this the internet is very low cost for information transmission and information acquisition.

It has become a very medium of storage, it is also the storage of information and knowledge where any information and information we can get in a moment, as soon as the test results are declared. Candidates on the Internet use the Internet to know their results.

All the computers are being used, from the maintenance of books to national accounts and national and international market share. Today it is being managed through computers. With the help of computer and internet, there is a new direction in business, which is e-commerce.

Buying and selling goods and services through the Internet is the act of e-commerce. Producers and sellers easily find traders of goods and services in the market and the exchange of business information has led to a drastic reduction in time and cost.

Today, through eclipse or the internet, people purchase their household use items sitting at home. Take home cinema tickets, hotel booking, money transfer ticket booking etc.

In Net Banking:

E-commerce is a part of e-banking, through the Internet, the account holder can see the balance of his bank account. One can send money from one account to another. Telephone electricity can collect water bills etc. Any transaction can be banked.

ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) is the full name provided by banks under the bank. It is an automated machine that returns at any time by depositing the ATM at any place. For this the ATM is also called ‘Any Time Money’.

In offices, computers have replaced typewriters, moreover, all work done in offices is done by accounting, installation details, salary details, maintenance work done by computers today.

The computer also has the concept of “paperless office”, which has given birth. Support for e-governance is being taken for administrative control.

The complete record of the books in the library, the complete record of the members who come in any work, the record of the person who gave the record of the book taker, etc., the complete account of the books is easily done

Computers are now also being used in publishing print jobs, this work is done under desktop publishing (Desk Top Publishing-DTP). Traditional cleaning work used to be very much, but now the computer is very easy to use. Has gone.

In the field of medicine:

In the field of medicine, from the diagnosis of the patient, their treatment or the public monitoring of the patients to the authorities, the work is being done very easily from the computer.

Ultrasound CT, city scan (MRI) are some of the tests that are used for various diseases. In these tests, the patient’s disease can be easily detected in these tests through computer images.

The Beats Control Device is a part of a small computer in patients with irregular heartbeat in the country. It is a small computer of sorts in the field of genetic engineering. Where the structure of various DNA is studied.

The use of DNA is mandatory through DNA fingerprinting which leads to other criminal cases. It has come into existence with the help of medical science and computer science, a branch of bioinformatics.

TV channels have also made a place in computers in broadcasting, computer-aided broadcasting channels disseminate digital channels, their transmission is much better than normal channels.

Computers are also being used a lot to make new music tunes. After having a computer, it can generate the equipment of the devices. The composition of music by a computer is called a musical instrument digital interface (MIDI).

have also entered our homes today, where this education is being used to get various information from entertainment letter writing to email chatting Facebook Internet YouTube.

Computers are used a lot in this way. Computers are used in different ways in different tasks.

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