What is Computer ROM and how many types of it ?

What is Computer ROM and how many types of it ?

A ROM is Non-volatile memory. This means that it is a memory device that permanently stores and protects data.

You use the term Computer ROM in every device, whenever we buy a device or mobile, computer etc., we often discuss about ROM.

This is the opposite of RAM. It is definitely used to store data in any device. It has different forms.

If you want to get a good idea about what ROM is and how it works. So you read this post completely.

What is ROM (Read only Memory) ?

The full name of the ROM is “Read Only Memory“. You can read DATA in this memory. But we cannot add new data to it.

This memory is a Non-Vdatile Memory. Within this memory, guidelines related to the functionality of the computer are stored.

All instructions to turn on the computer remain stor in this memory, which is called “booting”. This memory is used in computers, washing machines, microwave ovens, and other electronic devices programmed by ROMs.

Information in this memory is saved forever. The data does not end even if its man suppaly is off. It is also called Primary Memory. When data is put in this memory, then it cannot be changed.

How does ROM work ?

Whenever we switch on Computer. There is not much difference between your computer and rock at that time. The computing power of both of them is same.

There should be something inside the computer that can tell that the keyboard, mouse, Diskdrive and other hard drives are connected with it. It is also basically called Basic Input Output System (BIOS).

First, even if your computer is not smart, but the BIOS chip available in the computer helps store all the starup routines stored in the computer disk drive.

The BIOS is stored in the ROM of the system. Like RAM, the ROM chip has columns and row grids. Both the RAM chip and the ROM chip are fundamentally different. The RAM capacitor is used to turn the capacitor off or on.

If the ROM is very important to get the chip to work properly. Its programing must be completely correct and along with the construction of the chip, it is also necessary to have complete data. This is because once programming is done it cannot be changed.

Full form of ROM:

Full form of ROM “Read Only Memory“.

ROM Features –

You must have known exactly what ROM is and how it works. So now we know its characteristics.

ROM is a permanent memory.

ROM memory is cheaper than RAM Momery.

This memory information can only be read.

It stores all the basic function instructions of the computer.

ROM memory consumes less power.

This memory is readable only.

CPU is part of this memory.

Types of ROM-


The full name of this memory is Mask Read Only Memory. It is programmed by manufacturers on any device.

MROMs are much cheaper than all other ROMs. It provides the ability to store maximum DATA. This means that the data store density in this memory is high.

The full name of this memory is Programmable Read Only Memory. When the data is written to this memory chip. He is always safe.

This ROM uses special tools to insert and write data. They are also called PROM burners or PROM programs. The process of writing information in PROM is called PROM Burring.

The full name of this memory is Erasble Programmable. Its name suggests that the data available in it can be erased. This EPROM uses ultra-violet (ultraviolet) light to delete DATA.

It is very easy to erase the DATA of this memory. The charge is filled inside it, which is kept in it for about 10 years. There is no way for the Charge to exit.
The full name of this EEPROM is ELectrically Erasable Programmable. Electrical charge is used to erase its data. This EEPROM is slower than other ROMs.

By selecting any place of this memory, we can erase it. It can be erased up to 10 thousand times. In EEPROM, we can save and delete DATA in it within 4 to 12 milli seconds.

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