What is Computer RAM and what are its types ?

What is Computer RAM and what are its types ?

Almost all mobile users using the word RAM will know this. Whenever we go to buy a new mobile phone, the question must surely come in everyone’s mind that how much Computer RAM should we buy a mobile phone.

RAM is an important device for mobile and computer by which it Deives does a better job. If you want to get a good idea about RAM, what is Computer RAM ? So read this post in its entirety.

What is omputer RAM ?

The full name of RAM is “Random Access Memory”. This memory is also known as primary and main memory.

Within the RAM, there is a DATA store of the work done by the CPU. This memory is part of the central processing unit (cpu). Ram’s data can be accessed directly.

In computer memory, data and instructions are stored in its cells. All cells are made up of some columns and rows which have their own unique address. This unique address is called a cell path.

The CPU keeps receiving different information from these years. Randonly can access the data of information available in Ram. Due to this feature, this memory is named “Random Access Memory”.

Ram is a temporary memory. In this, the store cannot be kept for data. As long as the power suppaly is kept on the RAM, only the data remains saved. When the main supply stops, that data also ends.

Key features of Computer RAM

This memory is part of the cpu.

Without it, no computer or mobile can work.

This memory is the memory in the primary of the computer.

The working rate of this memory is fast.

Performs data work temporarily.

Ram memory is expensive.

When the power suppaly is stopped, the data in this memory ends.

This memory is also called the working memory of the computer.

Full form of RAM:

The full form of RAM is “Random Access Memory”.

How does RAM work ?

It consists of a transistor and a pair of capacitors that form a memory cell. It represents single data.

The transistor acts as a switch in it. Capacitore holds information in the form of 1 and 0. This memory serves to control the circuit and redens the capacitor.

A capacitor is like a bucket that has the ability to store electrons. To store 1 in this memory, electrons are filled in the bucket. It is kept empty to store 0.

Capacitors bucket has the problem that it leaks. Within a few milli seconds it empties the entire bucket. For this reason, the memory controller and cpu’s KPCeter also have to be recharged which they are holding 1.

Types of RAM

RAM has many sizes. It is divided into different parts based on its capacity and speed.

The capacity of RAM is expressed in GB and MB and its speed is measured in GHz and MHz.

We cannot use Ram used in computer. Ram of the computer can not be installed on the laptop. Both of these Mthetboard have different shape.

Motheboard and RAM used in a computer system change from generation to generation.

1.SRAM (Static)
2.DRAM (Dynamic)
1. Static RAM:

It is a simple memory used in a computer. It requires constant power supply to work. Refresh is not required to keep the data stored in this Ram. That is why its name is Static Ram.

Static memory is an unstable memory because whenever the power supply of this memory is turned off, the data stored in it ends.

This memory works at a much faster speed than Dynamic memory. It consumes less power. This type of memory capacity is less. Static RAM does not need to be refreshed.
2. Dynamic RAM:

This memory is the opposite of static memory. It is also known as DRAM. This memory has to be refreshed again and again so that it keeps remembering the information.

The capacitors that keep the DATA together in the dynamic memory continue to discharge its power slowly. Constant changes and actions take place in this memory. Because of this it is called Dynamic RAM.

It consumes more power in memory and its speed is also slow. It needs to be refreshed again and again. When the main supply of this memory is turned off, then it loses its data.

what have you learned ?

In this post, we have told what is Computer RAM ? You must have known about memory in detail.

We hope that by reading this post, you have understood the complete information about RAM. Now you will not have any problem in using RAM and you will be able to use RAM easily.

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