What is Black Fungus and how to avoid it?

What is Black Fungus and how to avoid it ?

Amid the growing corona epidemic in the world, a deadly virus took birth. Along with Corona, cases of black fungus are also increasing rapidly.

We need to be more aware at this place than to be afraid.

Many doctors in the world say that Black Fungus has not brought any new disease. Many people when cleaning the nose with water.

But many people pay very little attention to the cleanliness of water. In ancient times, when people used to clean the nose with dirty water. At that time such cases used to come up.

What is Black fungus ?

Black fungus or mucermycosis is a fatal fungus and a rare type of infection known as mucormycosis or black fungus.

Black Fungus is a rare type of infection which is also known as Mucomycosis.

This virus is more dangerous for those people who have or have got corona virus.

If it is not given much attention, then it can also take that person’s life. Due to this, 50 to 80% of the patients are likely to die.

It is a type of fungal infection that particularly infects people who are suffering from any disease or their immune system is weak.

For this reason, that person’s power to fight the microbes becomes weak. In such a situation, the risk of spreading this infection in the lungs or sinuses increases due to this air in people.

To fight against such diseases, it becomes important to take care of our safety.

History of Black fungus –

The strange thing about this virus is that it is a new infection disease. While the first case of this fungus was seen in 1885 by a pathologist named PaulTalk in Germany.

The American pathologist and RD Baker later named it Mucarmechikosis.

In 1943, a research was published in this regard. The first person to survive the disease is of a person named Harris, which is a 1955 incident.

What are the symptoms of black fungus ?

If the symptoms of Black fungus in our body depends on which part of our body it is growing.

1. Symptoms of lung fungus-

2.Frequent walking
3.Chest pain

2. Symptoms of mystic and sinus-related black fungus-

1.Swelling on one side of the face
2.Sinus or nasal jam or blockage
3.Quick rise of black sores in the upper part of the mouth or nose

How does Black fungus affect the body ?

First of all, the black fungus reaches the head by way of nose and eye. Then later it also destroys the bones and skin on the way due to which death is more.

In this case, doctors believe that those who have been using ventilators or oxygen for a long time and those who are not under sugar control, Black Fungus can become a victim at any time.

How can Black fungus be avoided ?

If we take care of some things according to the opinion of a doctor, then we can avoid Black Fungus.

1. Blood glucose of people recovering from coronas and patients of diabetes should be monitored daily.

2. If a person uses steroids, then the dose should be taken care of in time and usage.

3. When you use oxygen therapy, you should use more sterile water.

4. If you are using immunomodulating medicines, then it should be discontinued immediately.

5. If the amount of sugar in your blood is high or increasing, then try to control it.

6. Use antifungal and antibiotics with caution.

Which people are more at risk of Black fungus ?

Black fungus (Mucormycosis) mainly affects or harms people who are already suffering from the disease or have a weakened immunity.

In such a position, the patients’ body loses its ability to fight against disease and germs. Similarly, black fungus starts showing its effect on these patients.

How to recover from black fungus ?

Black fungus is a very fatal disease. If a patient is cured with medicines then it is very good.

But in the event of not being able to do so, the parts of the patient’s body that have been damaged by black fungus or suffer from black fungus are cut.

The part that Black Fungus harms also starts to look like gangrene with fungus hidden behind it. In the same way, they harm other parts of the body in the same way.

Black Fungus is a disease that is very difficult to cure and its treatment is also very expensive. Many days have to be spent in the hospital for its treatment.

what have you learned ?

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