What is Alexa Rank and how to use it ?

What is Alexa Rank and how to use it ?

Alexa rank is very important for Website. This is a very important factor. With its help we can be attracted to Visitor to your blog.

This provides this information to our website readers. If your website’s Alexa Rank is good then your Blog Traffic also helps in improving something much.

You want to know what is Alexa Rank and how to use it? So you understand this post completely and read.

What is Alexa Rank ?

Alexa Rank Show It In Your Website That Site is so popular and how good it is on the Internet compared to the second site.

It also shows our Site Position compared to the second website. Alexa Rank website is the measure of popularity.

When there is a Site’s Alexa Rank 1, it is very popular. This RANK also reveal that website is performing. Makes Great KPI than other SITE.

Creates KPI for Compelitive and Benchmarking Analysis. It calculates rank by it.

A Site Estimated Traffic and Visitor Engagement Combine the use of a proprietary methodolgy that is also added to the Rank based on Past Three Months.

History of Alexa – History of Alexa ?

Alexa was launched in 1996 which is a colifornia based subsidiary company. Azazon was acquired by Amazon that in 1999 which was speciclize at that time.

Commerical Web Traffic Data was gather to provide different web browser toolbars by the help of extonsions.

The most Important Previous Actvities of Alexa do the Data Base serve. It has been basis to create a wayback machine now have been closed to make these search facilites.

How to check Alexa Rank ?

If you want to check Alexa Rank then you can go to Directly Alexa.com. You see Search Bar in this page Top Right Side.

After this the search is to enter the URL of your website in the outside. Now click on Button.

Now it shows all the data of our website in front of you. Along with it also show your Site’s Rank.

You com also check your a alexa rank by using this url


How to Improve Alexa Rank ?

If you want to improve Alexa Rank, I’m going to tell you some good tips here. Which is going to help you enhance the Alexa rank of your website.

1.Website to increase the traffic –

This is a major factor to increase Alexa Rank of your website. Alexa rank your website according to traffic.

If more traffic is coming on your blog then it will definitely improve the Alexa Rank of your website.

If you bring traffic on your website gradually then Alexa Rank will also be Slow Slow Improve.

2. Average time of your site –

The second most important element is that Alexa Rank makes you check it on your site, how many visitor, how long it checks it in Site. It is Important for Alexa Rank Badness.

So engagine your content by which more people stay on their post and Finaly could increase your AVERAGE time.

3.Average Page Viem Per Visitoer –

If Visitor on your site is good at VIEM then it helps to increase your Alexa Rank. Try to increase your AVERAGE PAGE VIEM.

4.Riginal Content Product –

If we have our content uquine to improve Alexa Rank is very important. When our content original will be, our SITE’s Alexa Rank will also be improve. You always insert the content written by yourself in your website.

5.Website insert Alexa Widget –

It is a simple logic that if you add Alexa and it will inhes the user then in Site. When they click the click.

Click you get Benefit. So you try to use Alexa Widget in your site.

6.Quality Backlink for Blog –

If you want to get backlink for your blog then get the comment on the blog of others is very easy.

When you do comment on a large blog then your comment will click on the profile so that it will be directly redirected to your blog.

7.Alixa Write Reviem Article –

If you write Alexa Rank to Improve a reviem article it will work on 100% good work.

8.Blog to update Regularly –

If you are very important to update your blog time to time. Otherwise your website can be slow slow.

what have you learned ?

What is Alexa Rank that has been told by us in this post? You have to know about it in detail.

We hope reading this post, you have understood full information about Alexa. Now there is no problem in the use of your rank and you will be able to use it easily.

You have a hope that you share this post on your friend, Facebook, Group and all other friends and social media, whose Alexa Rank could also get information about this.

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