What is website and how many types are there?

What is website and how many types are there ?

If you want to know about the website, then stay on this post as usual. Today we will give you information about what is website and type of other website.

You will all know about the website, but do you also know what is website and How many types are there? And how to use it?

A question is definitely coming in the mind of all of you, what is this website and many questions related to the website will be coming in your mind.

So today we are going to discuss this post on the website itself. So that whatever wrong opinion is related to the website in your mind, it will all go away.

You and many people will have a phone, computer, and laptop. You have some of these, that is why you must be reading this post of mine.

We also work with them in the first place – like playing photo edotor, watching videos, listening to songs, playing games etc. But Internet is not required for you to do these tasks.

What is website ?

A website is a collection of many webpages or a place or place where a lot of web pages are kept. Some information is available in each webpage.

Now what we are posting this is a web page of our website worldyatri.com. This page is part of a website. Where is the website? The information needed is available on this webpage.

We all use an applaction or software such as google, Uc browser, chrome etc. to open the website or open a webpage.

If you want to understand even better, then https://worldyatri.com this is the home page URL of my website.

When you go to this URL, this URL will be open in front of you, then a home page of a website appears in front of you.

If you click on a post in this website, then a web page of related content appears in front of you. This is a web page.

Definition of website

A website is the form of many simple or difficult web pages that we call a website.

Types of webpages –

1.static webpage:

By the name of this page you may have come to know that web pages never change. It is always stable. No one can change these web pages.

This page is always the same for all new and old users. When you have seen the homepage of a website, those pages never change.

This page is visible to everyone. But there are many websites whose contents are always changing. Therefore, all people have different webpages in front of them.

The web page of his content changes all the time on YouTube.

Will we tell you about some static webpage here. We never change the content of pages like Contect us, About us of our website.

2. Dynamic wbpaege:

Dynamic webpages are always changed. web pages vary by content. The contents of these web are also changed according to the change or time.

This page has different web pages for each user. When you open Instagram, your pege will look different to you and my page will look differently.

Dynamic means pages that are always changed. We help you understand that as the news keeps changing on the news website all the time. There you will get to see a different webpege in every time.

Some of the main parts of the website –

Search Engine:

A search engine is a program that brings new information to you all the time. It brings new information to the searcher all the time.

Search information is visible to us on google, beowser, chrome etc. on Search Engine. We search every information through www (world wide web).


A domain is the name of your website, with the help of which anyone can access it. In a way, it is the adders of the website and the identity of the website is also there.

The name of the website can be written only in Number and Latter. Domain Name is used to identify one or more IP Adderss.

Hinditechno.com This is a domain name. You all will know this website. Where you are reading this post. It is used to identify a particular specified webpege.

Web Adders / URLs:

The full name of URl is “Uniform Resorch Locator”. It is a formatted text string that is used by Web Browser, Email, or other software to search for resources in the network.

A network resource can be a program of any Webpege, File, Document.

Home Page:

The first page of all types of websites is called a homepage. When you go to a website, the first thing that opens in it is called the homepage.

When you search hinditechno.com in google, the home pege of this website will appear in front of you.

Website Types –

You use the Internet every day to open a very website and blog page to discover or read something new.

Generally the website is divided into two parts-

1.static website:

A static website is a website whose webpages are stored in a format that is sent to the client web browser.

If understood in simple language, a static website is a very basic type of website that can be easily created in any way.

To make a website, you do not have to have knowledge of any type of databes design and web programing. You can make a good static website without all these.

All of these web site’s pages are in html coding.

It has different coding for all pages. So that whatever information remains on the webpage never changes. Only then all pages appear as printed.

2. Dynamic website:

Dynamic website is this type of site which keeps changing itself all the time. This type of website changes itself according to the content.

Speaking in simple language, Dynamic Website is a collection of dynamic webpages whose content keeps changing dynamically.

All types of websites access their content through Content Management System (CMS).

When you make any changes in the content of your website, the content of the web site changes or often automatically.

Dynamic Website uses server-side-scripting. They are used to generate content.

what have you learned?

In this post we have explained what is website? You must have known about the website in detail.

We hope that by reading this post, you have understood the complete information about the website. Now you will not have any problem in using the website and you will be able to use the website easily.

You have an expectation that you can share this post with your friend, facebook, group and all other friends and on social media, to reach them, so that they too can get information about what the website is.

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