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worldyatri.com About us

Welcome to the Worldyatri.com blog. We have created this blog to help those people who want to know about things like Computer, Technology, Website, Blogging, Internet or want to learn something new about information like other English.

For such people, we share Computer Knowladge, Technology, Website, Internet and other English information on the website.

The aim of our website is that we help you by providing important information of Computer and Website.

Therefore, we have brought this website for you so that we can provide information in the language of our country.

The purpose of creating a website

It is our aim to give you free information about Computer and Internet and on this website you will also get other English information.

There are many people who want to know about Computer knowladge and Internet with the help of online and it is our aim to help them, so that people can get good information about them.

If you want to learn about computer too, then it is our aim to give information about it so that any person can easily do any work on computer.

You will also get a lot of learning information here on Youtube, in which we will also give you a lot of English information.

About me

Our name is Murari (Amit) Bijarniya. We are the founder of this website and we are living in sikar, Rajasthan, India.

We have a Passion in the knowledge of Website and Youtube and we have been working in this field for 2 years.

I started writing posts on this website continuously from April 2021, which has been running continuously and if you get good support, then we will bring more good posts for you.

If you want to contact us, you can do it with the help of Contect us form and take any suggestion or give it.